Breakups are bad news, as we all know. Who here hasn't spent a week binging on raw cookie dough and episodes of The Good Wife after getting dumped? Or gotten behind the wheel of his cab, naked and drunk, and crashed into 17 cars?

Right? Anyone? No one? No one has drunkenly caused a multi-car accident while naked because of a breakup? Oh, you there—you have? What's your name? Vitaly?

A Moscow driver smashed into 17 cars in the Russian capital Sunday [...] When the man was arrested after a chase, he stepped out of the car clearly drunk and completely naked, the spokesman said.


"I was flying on the wings of love," Vitaly G. said [...] "The day before my loved one said she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship," he said, adding he had gone on the rampage out of frustration as the world seemed to be against him.

We feel you, Vitaly! We've all been there! Just, clothed, and sober, and not driving.