Hey there, African-Americans! Did you know there's a whole political party devoted more or less entirely to increasing the wealth of the richest people in the country by preying on the racism of middle- and working-class white folks? And if that doesn't convince you to vote for Republicans, what about these snazzy billboards?

That's right! According to these billboards (which can now be seen in Texas, South Carolina and Ohio), "G.O.P. Is the New Black" and "Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Republican." They're the work of Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, a black conservative activist who has one dangly cross earring and writes things like this:

Because there was only one Reagan! The only place you're going to find the great Reagan now is in his beautiful tomb at his library, and in the memories of those that lived at the time of his service. There is no other Reagan! And, we should stop looking for such a creature. It's a waste of time. Ronald Reagan was put in the plans of God for just the time that he was needed. Reagan had the beliefs, the temperament, the personality, the skills and everything else that was needed for just that moment in American and world history. For once, 20th Century America got it right when it came to selecting its servant-in-chief.

Ronald "Strapping Young Buck" Reagan called the Voting Rights Act "humiliating," fired members of his Civil Rights Commission over their criticisms of his record, and opposed the creation of Martin Luther King Day. And guess what? The 2011 Republican party is still, like "the great Reagan," exploiting the—ahem"ethnocentrism" of its white base to dismantle programs that help the poor in order to facilitate tax cuts for the well-off. So, I don't know, if there was only one Reagan, we're probably all better off.

Also, Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn't a Republican. So whatever.