In your frigid Friday media column: DC has a "Bad boy" reporter, Brian Williams discusses the Twitter, a Reuters plagiarism kerfuffle, a CNNer becomes a flack, and Gene Weingarten gripes.

  • Did you know there is a "bad boy" reporter in DC now? Haha, yes. According to THE POLITICO, at least. It's Jim Newell. Oh... no, it's "Jason Mattera," of Human Events (pictured at the annual bad boy convention CPAC). He's an edgy conservative who doesn't play by the rules (of journalism). Does he also possess DC hipness? Doesn't say. Is he really more of a "bad boy" than classic rebels like Richard Cohen or Charles Krauthammer? Doesn't say. Regardless, pretty sure "bad boy of DC journalism" refers exclusively to Jim Newell, per the AP stylebook. Typo?
  • Well-coiffed NBC news anchor Brian Williams says he doesn't tweet on The Twitter because he "hasn't decided what to say." But he does definitely read what people say about him on Twitter. Like for example if you were to write "Brian Williams is about as much of a 'regular Jersey guy' as King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden," or "Brian Williams looks like his head is made of paste," that will go directly to Brian. Or whatever you want to say.
  • Uh oh: The Guardian's Miriam Elder caught Reuters' Alissa de Carbonnel totally ripping off several portions of her story about an author—even though de Carbonnel conducted her own interview with the author. Which makes it all the more bizarre! Don't do the work and plagiarize; choose one or the other. Reuters has withdrawn the story.
  • CNN correspondent Allan Chernoff is leaving journalism to become a flack for Fleishman-Hillard. Hell, we won't criticize him. Sooner or later everybody wants to make a little money. Money, money, money, money, money, money. Mmm. Money.
  • In his latest column, old WaPo humor-maker Gene Weingarten shows you how and old, out-of-touch guy complains about essentially the same things we do here, but in a much younger, "hipper" way. (Luv U GW!)

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