AFP tells us that Italian director Romeo Castellucci's production of the play On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God features the face of Jesus "drizzled in excrement." The Guardian explains the poop on Jesus' face comes from "an excremental stream pouring from his right eye-socket." Sounds a bit like an extreme version of a Gallagher show!

Right now Castellucci's play—in which a son takes care of his incontinent father, and (shock!) becomes much like a parent to his parent—is being performed at a theater in Paris. (Do they hand out garbage bags or plastic ponchos to the front-row audience members?) The other day, AFP reports, about 20 "well-dressed" Christian fundamentalists who are upset about the play's poop-covered Jesus descended upon the venue, tossed stink bombs, threw eggs and oil at audience members, and shouted "Enough Christianophobia!," before being arrested by police. Some of the protesters have been trying to shut down production via a court ban, but haven't been successful. Opposing their efforts is committee of actors—including Juliette "Amelie" Binoche (but not Gerard Depardieu, because he's only into urine)—who condemn attacks on the play as anti-free speech.

Just like Jesus forgives everyone's sins (as long as they go to confession and/or donate money to the church), Castellucci has forgiven the protesters, for they know not what they do. But we're not sure we can forgive Castellucci for what seems like a desperate attempt to gain publicity for what sounds like a predictable and—yes—shitty play.

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