The Sperm Bike is a 120-pound, 10-foot bicycle rigged with a sperm-shaped tank of liquid nitrogen and—on business days—vials of human sperm ("pre-babies"). Based on a model used in Copenhagen, Seattle's sperm bike transports its cargo from the Seattle Sperm Bank to fertility clinics. Even though it's motorized, it's still better for the environment than sperm utility vehicles, spermships, and the Spermarine, the sperm-carrying submarines that were so popular in the 1930s.

In addition to hauling what the French (probably) call les ejaculations, the Sperm Bike also works as an advertisement for sperm donation, ABC News reports. "Good, qualified sperm donors have been needed for awhile, but the need is increasingly dramatic," a Sperm Bank rep says. "Fertility rates are plummeting. People are having a harder time conceiving. People are waiting longer have children." Hmmm, well statistics suggest that the world could use a break from all the procreation but whatever, we know how much becoming a parent is important to you. [ABC News. Image via ABC]