Yo. Sup? Cool. Anyhoo, a rabbinical Ralph Fiennes told a crowd at the BFI London Film Festival that modern language "is being eroded" due to "a world of truncated sentences, soundbites and Twitter." #whatever #shutupvoldemort

He expounded (of course he did):

"Our expressiveness and our ease with some words is being diluted so that the sentence with more than one clause is a problem for us, and the word of more than two syllables is a problem for us," he said. [...]

"I think we're living in a time when our ears are attuned to a flattened and truncated sense of our English language, so this always begs the question, is Shakespeare relevant?"

You know what will never be flattened or truncated? An actor's ability to plug his next movie, which in this case would be a contemporary version of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, which Fiennes stars in and directed and is due in theaters this January. Don't get Ralph started on his sententious exegesis on establishmentarian perturbation! He'll gnaw your ear off for hours. [Telegraph, Photo via Getty]