Sean Parker has a message for Occupy Wall Street: Life in the one percent is no picnic. People threaten him. He had to hire security. And don't even get him started on the parties.

"You guys are really attacking me for being the 1%?" the former Facebook president tweeted. "I was broke and couch surfing just a few years ago... I have a whole new set of problems to deal with now: security, extortion attempts, kidnapping threats, death threats, etc. Life better b4?"

Yes, Sean Parker just said he's not sure he wants to keep his $2.1 billion fortune, his $45,000 per month party mansion, his $5,000 cocktail waitress tips, the post Coachella bowls of caviar for Linsday Lohan and company, his velvet rope hopping, the private jets he rents for late-night trips to Washington, DC, his $100,000 electric sports car, or his closetful of Tom Ford suits.

In fact, Parker said in another tweet, he's "working on a plan to give it all away over time." You know, eventually. In the meantime he and his future trophy wife are forced to keep throwing blowout parties which, I mean, don't even get Sean Parker started on what a pain those are. When are those bongo playing hippies in Zuccotti Park going to "occupy" the people who bother Sean Parker?

[via Mogulite, photo of Parker via Getty Images]