Mister PeePee is a... citizen journalist with a hobby. Tell us what Mister PeePee's hobby is, Jim Romenesko:

A guy who calls himself Mister PeePee set a goal of masturbating in every Starbucks in New York City, then photographing the results.

Mister PeePee is very enthusiastic about checking into Starbucks on 4Square and talking sex talk on Twitter. He also has a podcast on (the prestigious) Glory Hole Radio Network in which he discusses his plans for total NYC Starbucks bathroom masturbation saturation.

But let's not get bogged down in the details. The important thing to remember is that, whenever you're in a Starbucks bathroom, you should be thinking about the fact that Mister PeePee very well may have masturbated in there.

What is your hobby?

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