OHHHHHHH thank heavens, right? Finally, a real choice in this race. Floridian fameball (flameball) Dr. Terry "Burrrn Yr Koran" Jones announced Wednesday that he's tossing his mustache into this presidential race to right(-wing) the ship and "stop overspending." Other campaign goals: "Also saving us 400 billion dollars per year" (??), and "deport all illegals." Sounds like he's got Alabama and Arizona wrapped up.

But where is "burn all the Korans in America" on his list of objectives? Is burning all the mooslim books unnecessary now? Did he surreptitiously burn them all while we were sleeping? Or do we send all the Korans "home" with the illegals when we deport them?

Obviously, serious questions about his campaign strategy remain. Maybe his brain trust of advisers will flesh out some specifics.

[ABC. Image via AP]