Looks like Robert and Diane Maresca—who attempted to trademark "Occupy Wall Street" earlier this week—aren't the only people trying to make a buck off of the protests! An Atlanta man is trying to get his own Occupy Wall Street-related trademark: "The words 'occupy this' with an arrow pointed down."

Yes, folks, this is a peek behind the curtain at the making of your Uncle Dan's t-shirt collection. Brad Delhover of Atlanta—apparently a professional investigator with an outfit called Centennial Investigations—is trying to corner the market on cheap responses to the Occupy Wall Street protests with "short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts" bearing the witty "occupy this" mark. The trademark application was filed on the 21st, but Delhover better move quick—someone in New Hampshire is selling the same shirts on Ebay.

[USPTO; image via Ebayw]