Tim Lovell and Theresa Hasselberg thought their brother Harold was among the eight unidentified victims of crazy clown serial killer John Wayne Gacy but it turns out he was alive in Florida the whole time. He just didn't want to talk to them!

Harold Wayne Lovell (what a coincidence!) left home in the Chicago area in 1977 to find work in construction. Gacy was caught in 1978 after he'd killed 33 young men, most of whom worked in construction. Since Tim and Theresa never heard from their brother again, they figured he was one of the eight bodies police couldn't identify. They were all ready to give their DNA to see if it matched any of the victims, when they discovered a mug shot of their brother online.

Turns out he'd been living in Florida the whole time and just didn't bother to call. Apparently he wasn't getting along with his mother and stepfather when he left home and figured it was easier just to not talk to the family again. After the mug shot, the siblings reunited and now they're all pleased as punch that the family is back together again. I'm sorry, this is an inspiring story and all, but saying, "My brother is a messy construction worker who gets arrested in Florida," is not nearly as cool as, "John Wayne Gacy killed my brother."

[Images of John Wayne Gacy (left) and Harold and Tim Lovell via AP]