Amy Winehouse's blood alcohol level was five times the legal driving limit when she died. Rob Pattinson wants Taylor Lautner's body. Lindsay Lohan's Playboy photoshoot "went well." Wednesday gossip alternates between sexy and sad.

  • The coroner's report is in: Amy Winehouse died of "death by misadventure." Apparently "death by misadventure" is an official death designation in England? "The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels (of alcohol) was her sudden and unexpected death." Her blood alcohol content was five times the legal driving limit, which means all those reports about Amy dying of alcohol withdrawal were actually written on Opposite Day. The report notes that, at the time Amy's body was discovered, her bedroom was scattered with empty vodka bottles. [HuffPost, image via Getty]
  • Dina Lohan confirmed that daughter Lindsay will be in Playboy, and added that "the photo shoot went well." Meanwhile, Access Hollywood dug up an old interview where Lindsay said she'd never show private parts in a movie. [X17, People, Access]
  • Robert Pattinson is jealous of Taylor Lautner's body, and went to great lengths to "tense the muscles, and suck in my belly" every time he had to appear shirtless in Twilight. [X17]

Remember when Hilary Swank got paid to attend a brutal Chechen war criminal's birthday party, then promised to give the money to charity? Turns out her fee was $1.5 million. Radar notes that Swank's official statement didn't specify whether she was giving all of the blood money to charity, or just some of it. [Radar, photo via AP]

  • Paz de la Huerta spilled a drink on a friend at a party, and the friend "jumped up in tears," was "inconsolable," and left the party "wailing." That may seem like an extreme reaction, but turns out it was the elixir of immortality, and she only had one cup, and now it is gone and she will succumb to disease. [P6]
  • The blonde girl from Big Bang Theory just got engaged. Congratulations, blonde girl from Big Bang Theory. [People]
  • Lou Reed was at a fancy dinner with a set menu, and the entree was supposed to be fish, but he wanted steak and pasta with marinara sauce, so the restauranteurs freaked out and made someone run to the grocery store so they could make it for him. [P6]
  • Toni Braxton fired her manager, who is also her brother-in-law, and now stuff is awkward in their family. [P6]
  • Chace Crawford's beauty queen little sister Candice is pregnant with husband Tony Romo's child. Quit copying Jessica Simpson. [People]