Here we see a man named Richard Lee (not Rick, but Richard) raising a ruckus at a recent Seattle University event starring financial analyst/sports writer/columnist/former Guns n' Roses bass player/current Velvet Revolver+Loaded member/memoirist Duff McKagan. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer tells us that Lee is a local personality of sorts who espouses the theory that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide but was murdered by, like, everyone he knew. One of his pastimes is to ambush Courtney Love, Crisco Twister master/Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, and other famous people who were close to Cobain and inspire them to seek restraining orders against him.

McKagan, who lives in Seattle, had been friends with Cobain and says they rode on the same airplane just a couple days before Cobain committed suicide—and that Cobain was kinda depressed. Lee doesn't buy that story, because Kurt Cobain wasn't sad and didn't commit suicide—he was murdered by everyone in Seattle except Frances Bean. So Lee showed up at the SU event to SEEK THE TRUTH. But he doesn't get any TRUTH or any answers at all—just a shove out the door and a final "get the fuck out of here" from McKagan the tattooed multi-tasker.

It's important for me to note that McKagan is probably the most badass rock guy around. Not only did he go back to school to earn a degree in finance after getting famous, but he also kicked addiction and has been married to the same woman since forever. He's got hardcore writing chops and never abandoned his working-class roots, so he comes off as grounded and humble. Too bad Velvet Revolver and his other band aren't that good! His memoir definitely sounds worthwhile, though.