Celebrity corpses everywhere are creaking with anticipation: Forbes' "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities" list is out!

Here are the year's six hardest-working stiffs (give or take $100 million) based on royalties and such:

1. Michael Jackson: $170 million
2. Elvis Presley: $55 million
3. Marilyn Monroe: $27 million
4. Charles Schultz: $25 million
5. [tie] John Lennon: $12 million
6. [tie] Liz Taylor: $12 million

Unfortunately, the list has been divided into slideshow form with an unprecedented two slides per dead person. I had to click, reload, and wait for the ad twelve times just to get six names! I understand you need a certain number of ad imprints, Forbes.com LLC, but that's carpal tunnel territory. [Forbes, image via Getty]