When producer/singer Ryan Leslie had his laptop stolen on tour in Germany last October, he offered a $1 million reward. But the guy who found it says he still hasn't paid up, and now he's suing for $1 million.

The MacBook had a bunch of material for an upcoming album on it. It also seemed to have contained his first-born son? "They stole a little piece of my heart," Leslie crooned in the weirdly overproduced YouTube video in which he announced that he was increasing the reward from $20,000 to $1 million. Is this the first musical "Missing" poster?

Leslie, who is a prolific R&B and hip hop producer and a popular singer/rapper in his own right, must have not expected some German dude to actually find the laptop. But 52-year-old Armin Augstein found it while walking his dog in the park, and has been trying to collect his reward ever since. He just sued for $1 million, plus interest, according to the Daily News.

Come on, Ryan Leslie, what kind of tricky shit is this? It probably does kill you that the reward would have worked just as well even if it you left it at $20,000. But by not paying up, you are not just being a huge dick, you're reducing the efficacy of rewards for everyone all over the world: What if nobody paid the rewards they offered? It'd be chaos!

Anyway, lesson learned: the next time Ryan Leslie loses his laptop and you find it, you should smash it with a hammer then dunk it in a nearby fountain.