The life of Jenna Lyons—the J. Crew creative director who drove conservative idiots to madness by daring to paint her son's toenails pink—has either turned into a full-blown culture war nightmare, or the inspiration for a quirky/heartbreaking indie film.

Page Six reports that Lyons left artist husband Vincent Mazeau for a "another woman who also works in the fashion business" this summer. Now they're reportedly divorcing.

The Park Slope power couple was once "the ultimate in creative and casual cool," profiled in every trendy New York publication ever.

Besides painting her son's toenails pink, Lyons is famous for giving Oprah Winfrey a tour of her closet, earning an estimated $5 million a year, and foisting difficult color combinations unto fans of tasteful casual clothing everywhere. Mazeau is famous for making art out of "everyday objects" with "absurd scale shifts [that] cause a feeling of dysfunction and an absence of purpose."

The duo probably didn't anticipate their private lives turning into tabloid fodder. But, one toenail nontroversy and a whole lot of success later, here we are. [P6, image via Billy Farrell Agency]