In your trippin Tuesday media column: post-pullout Iraq media plans, Dylan Byers to Politico, Harvey Levin lectures, a Bloomberg discrimination lawsuit, and rumors of layoffs at Martha Stewart Living.

  • Now that America is officially (heh) pulling out of Iraq, will all the US media outlets be pulling out as well? The big, respectable journalism outlets tell Joe Pompeo they will not! Except maybe the AP? How broke are those guys? (Broke!) But longer-term, over the next couple of years... yes, they will all leave Iraq. Iraq sucks. And we have newer, shinier wars to look forward to. And, you know, the being broke thing. And, Iraq is ratings poison.
  • TMZ's Harvey Levin has some advice for the ol' mainstream media: "Be more like TMZ." We're paraphrasing.
  • Michael Musto says that former Bloomberg Media TV exec Brian Martinez is suing the company for anti-gay discrimination. The company calls the charges "ludicrous." There you have it.
  • Adweek media reporter Dylan Byers is leaving to cover political media for Politico. Could be more interesting, or not! Time will tell.
  • Last night, multiple tipsters told us that there have been significant layoffs recently at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia last Friday. Know more details? Email me.

[Photo: AP]