LiLo will disrobe for close to $1 million. Demi visits Ashton at work. Christina Hendricks craves things that are "smooth on the tongue." Gisele Bundchen pulls a Gwyneth. Tuesday gossip shakes its moneymaker.

  • The inevitable has arrived: Lindsay Lohan is going to pose naked for Playboy, say Access Hollywood and TMZ . She "balked at an initial $750K offer because she wanted ONE MILLION dollars," but the deal she ultimately struck was "close enough." Asked for comment, LiLo's rep could "neither confirm or deny," which suggests she was at least negotiating and possibly-likely actually doing it, but can't say anything until all parties are ready for the official announcement. Anyway, big coup for Playboy. Possible coup for LiLo, depending how the shoot goes, and whether she flips the switch and becomes a pure naked badass, or not. Hopefully they hire a good photographer, and someone to tell her to stop doing that squinty-eye finger-in-mouth thing. [TMZ, Access Hollywood, photo via Splash]
  • Elsewhere in the Lohaniverse, Michael Lohan got busted for domestic violence, again. The victim was on-again off-again gonzo tabloid journalist girlfriend Kate Major. [TMZ]
  • Demi Moore visited Ashton Kutcher on the set of Two and a Half Men. "He put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple," "everything seemed normal." [Us]
  • Rihanna spent $1500 at ye olde sex shoppe. "She knew exactly what she was after and didn't want any assistance picking out items." Panties, "toys, leather handcuffs, scented candles," and oil. [Sun, P6]
  • Will you go to jail for looking at this picture of Justin Bieber getting to second base with girlfriend Selena Gomez? Give it a try, we'll see. [DListed]

Gisele Bundchen on her home life: "I'm a Cancer, see. I'm home-loving…. This place, it's my oasis. The kung fu I do here, the t'ai chi, it's like a metaphor for my life." On motherhood: "My children, they are like white canvasses. When Benjamin eats broccoli, he thinks it's dessert!" Oh, shut up. The GOOP is strong in this one. [Celebitchy]

  • Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama "dirty danced" and got hot and heavy in public at Seth MacFarlane's birthday party. Wilmer Valderrama: Taking advantage of child stars' daddy complexes for the better part of a decade. [P6, L&S]
  • Here are more pictures of a pregnant Jessica Simpson, including ones where she's rubbing her belly. [INFDaily]
  • Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt got down in the Meatpacking District. I think they're my favorite celebrity double date group. [P6]
  • Christina Hendricks' favorite drink is Johnnie Walker Black. "I like mine simple, on the rocks. It's incredibly smooth on the tongue. A touch of caramel flavour. It warms everything inside." Must… resist… obvious… sex joke… [MensHealth, Daily Mail]
  • Denise Richards regrets her breast implants: "At 19 when I first got my breasts done, I wish that I was confident enough with my body to not have had surgery. That is something that I really want to encourage in my daughters, to embrace their healthy body and have confidence." She feels like a "hypocrite" preaching body acceptance, now. [iVillage, P6]
  • Kelly Clarkson: "I've never been in love." :-( [USAToday]