Lisa Belkin used to write a parenting blog called Motherlode for the New York Times. Earlier this month, she was hired by the Huffington Post. Now, she finally gets to spread her wings and allow her creativity to flourish.

Lodes: not just for mothers any more! John Koblin reports:

Times lawyers fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Arianna Huffington on Monday, claiming that The Huffington Post's new blog, Parentlode, is a rip-off of the Times blog Motherlode and she better change the name or else.

Wha... well I never. The nerve. Parentlode is a completely different thing than Motherlode, can't you even read? HuffPo had a 36-hour brainstorming session to come up with that name!

LODE OF CRAP, amirite?