Now, I love Halloween and I think that the display KJ92508 has rigged up in Riverside, California, is just about the coolest thing since the lady in my neighborhood used to give out whole Snickers bars to trick or treaters, but, man it must suck to be his neighbor. Not only are you blinded by the lights and strobes and other effects, but just imagine all the visitors trying to get a glimpse of this dancing house!

The video above is scored to "This Is Halloween" from everyone's favorite multi-seasonal stop animation film The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm a big fan.

This other video is LMFOA's "Party Rock Anthem" which, along with "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" by the Black Eyed Peas and "Who Let the Dogs Out" is perhaps the most God awful musical creation ever pumped out of the speakers of every sports arena's sound system.

It is also the song on the awful subway party video, which makes it the official soundtrack for things that you think are really cool but annoy everyone around you.

If you want to check out KJ92508's handiwork from last year, check it out here.