Nixonian cretin Patrick Buchanan is such a jolly old coot on MSNBC—he's even got an adorable Odd Couple routine with lesbian leftie Rachel Maddow—that it's easy to forget that he's a White Power proponent who thinks it's "natural and normal" to prefer members of your own race to black folks. Luckily, he writes virulently racist books now and again to remind us.

The latest one is called Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?, and Talking Points Memo has already rifled through it for a handy assemblage of breathtakingly, mind-blowingly, avowedly racist on-the-record sentiments. It's as though after watching MSNBC cashier Don Imus over a casually racist aside, Buchanan felt he needed to re-establish his bona fides as the liberal network's real in-house racist. It's one thing to make an unacceptable and hurtful off-the-cuff remark; it's quite another actually call on white people to join a political movement the aim of which would be to take power and resources from nonwhites. For instance:

What the above points to is a strategy from which Republicans will recoil, a strategy to increase the GOP share of the white Christian vote and increase the turnout of that vote by specific appeals to social, cultural, and moral issues, and for equal justice for the emerging white minority. If the GOP is not the party of New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci and Cambridge cop James Crowley, it has no future. And although Howard Dean disparages the Republicans as the "white party," why should Republicans be ashamed to represent the progeny of the men who founded, built, and defended America since her birth as a nation?

The same chapter has this gem:

[St. Thomas] Aquinas [says] that the affinity of peoples of a race for each other is natural and normal. And if this is true for black Americans who rejoiced in the triumph of Obama, it is true also of white Americans. And white racial consciousness is rising and has begun to manifest itself in politics because, for tens of millions of Americans, this is no longer the country they grew up in.

White racial consciousness is rising. That's not Imus-grade racism—that's industrial-strength Klan level stuff. Pat Buchanan literally wants all you white people out there to rise up and fight the nonwhite hordes coming to take your stuff. Because now that Obama's here, "The whites may discover what it is like to ride in the back of the bus."

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that Buchanan, who hitched his political star to a paranoid anti-semite who thought Jews had a "death-wish" and opposed abortion except for cases of mixed-race babies, is a militant white supremacist. He's been telling us that for years! The mystery is why he's getting paid to banter with Maddow and not in the wilderness with the David Dukes of the world, of which he is one.

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