A Long Island couple is trying to trademark "Occupy Wall Street" for use on merchandise. Come on, hippies, you're wasting a perfectly good brand with all this protesting stuff.

From the Smoking Gun:

In a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) application, Robert and Diane Maresca are seeking to trademark the phrase "Occupy Wall St." so that they can place it on a wide variety of goods, including bumper stickers, shirts, beach bags, footwear, umbrellas, and hobo bags.

Officially-licensed Occupy Wall Street beach bags! Just because you're relaxing in Cabo doesn't mean you can't stick it to the man.

It's hard to know who would be more angry if this (doomed) trademark application went through: All the guys down at Zuccotti Park hawking bootleg OWS paraphernalia from little metal racks (seriously, it's turning into Shabby Times Square down there—last time I was down there I half-expected some dude to come up and try to invite me to an anti-capitalist comedy show) or MTV, which is about to broadcast True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street.

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