In an email titled "Hilarious/Horrifying?," a tipster sent along this picture of a TSA luggage inspection notice that came with a sexxxtra-special bonus message: GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL. "This happened to my friend on a flight on Saturday," the tipster writes. "Apparently TSA found a 'personal item' in her bag." Hmmm, so I guess free sex coaching services are part of TSA's mission now? Nice to know they're concerned about our well-being on all fronts.

So seriously, which is it: hilarious or horrifying? I'm gonna go with "horrifying lite"—if only because there's the chance that the agent(s) touched the "item" without washing his/her/their hands, or wasn't paying attention to other potentially freaky things.

Update: We just heard from our tipster's friend, and it's Feministe bloggeressa Jill Filipovic—who writes that the note caused her to die in a hotel room, oh no! But then she came back to life and is doing much better now, thankfully. [Thanks tipster!]