It's been a while since we last heard about a loaded gun slipping past the watchful eyes and groping, toy-taking hands of TSA's diaper-busting agents and making it onto an airplane. We thought that maybe the agency had patched up that minor security breach issue, or something. Nope!

The LA Times reports that yet another loaded gun ended up on an airplane—this one a .38 caliber handgun that "tumbled from an unzipped compartment in a duffel bag" and was discovered by an airport ramp crew at LAX. Stupid, clumsy gun! The owner, who was en route to Portland, gave up his piece to the authorities after answering some questions. The bad news: He will now be defenseless against Portland's gutterpunks and fixie bicycle gangs. The good news: He avoided arrest and detention.

I guess it's an improvement of sorts that the gun was in a checked bag and not in a carry-on. Baby steps. In related: What's the deal with transporting your loaded gun to the airport in a duffel bag? A sturdy briefcase seems safer and also more professional.

Update: The LAT has updated their report and notes that TSA agents only have to inspect for explosives, not guns or even loaded guns, when screening checked baggage. But the passenger hadn't informed anyone at the airport about his gun in accordance with THE RULES, so he still had to hand it over to the authorities.

Update 2: The man might face charges after all; it's up to the LA city attorney to decide.

[LA Times. Image via Shutterstock]