Another day, another weird sex-related news story starring a Republican politician from New Jersey. Today's installment stars Medford mayor and one-time Congressional candidate Chris Myers, who allegedly has a thing for blue Calvin Klein underpants and also rentboys—though maybe not, because have you heard about the nefarious things people do with this Photoshop computer-program stuff?

"I've been down that road before, where a photo has been photoshopped to look like something it wasn't," he told the Burlington County Times after being asked about the origins of this photo and others (the newspaper The Wonkette has posted one taken from a different angle). But Myers also suggested to the Times that "someone could have sneaked into his hotel room to capture him sleeping and take photos of his personal ID cards and badge." Maybe the Photoshop monsters both broke in to take photos of Myers (who actually sleeps in a full-body cocoon suit) and then altered those photos to embarrass him. I mean, it's totally possible. But why would someone do this? "I just don't know," Myers says. "There are crazy people and I'm not going to justify craziness."

Meanwhile, a male escort d/b/a as Rentboy claims that the mayor paid him $500 for a sexual encounter, promised to buy him a car and a recording studio, then failed to fulfill his alleged promise—prompting Rentboy to upload the underpants photos along with a description of their alleged time together to this (currently non-functioning) website. The Trentonian has reprinted the blog post, which describes sexxxy things but also includes this somewhat poignant excerpt:

I asked him where he lived and what he did for a living. He told me he that he lived in NJ (which explained his brazen personality) and that he worked for the government. I jokingly asked if he was some sort of spy. He laughed and said that he was actually a mayor. After telling me that, I didn't believe him so he got up from the bed and gave me a wallet from his briefcase. I opened the wallet and sure enough it was a badge and his Identification showing him as Mayor of Medford New Jersey. He then asked me if I had a plan for doing something else for a living. I told him that I had a recording engineering degree and that I would love to have my own recording studio. He asked me how much that would cost. I told him that a good Protools System would cost around $20,000, which included the Apple computer. When I mentioned Apple, Mr. Myers lit up and said that he loved Apple products and started bragging about all the Apple stuff he had. He even showed me his Apple Iphone4. Mr. Myers then asked me if I could have any car, what would it be? I told him probably a BMW M6. He said, "You got it... and I am going to get you your recording system too". He told me that he could tell that I had a good head on my shoulders and that he wanted to help me. He said that several people throughout his life helped him and that sometimes that help can change a life.

Seems like Myers is probably just another lonely individual on Planet Earth who's looking for affection and companionship. Unless this story and the photographs are all made up, of course! But it seems unlikely to us. FWIW, we don't think Myers should be ashamed of his (alleged) interest in men by any means, and believe he should be able to live proudly as a gay or bisexual man—if that's who he truly is. Paging Jim McGreevey.

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