A Swedish court just acquitted two men who pulled down an 18-year-old woman's shirt while she was passed out from too much drink and, without her knowledge, photographed her bare breasts. Apparently this photo, which shows the men celebrating their conquest, was pretty much irrelevant, because photographing naked people without their knowledge or consent is still totally legal in Sweden, The Local reports.

We don't understand you at all, Swedish Law. Shouldn't people who are asleep receive the same amount of protection as people who are awake? Does being asleep equal consent? And even if the men had been found guilty, would they have served any jail time? At least one report on the Julian Assange alleged rape/molestation case says that Sweden doesn't jail people found guilty of molestation.

The two men were convicted of narcotics crimes, because nonviolent drug offenses are much more dangerous to public safety then guys pulling down intoxicated women's shirts and photographing them. [The Local]