The New York Post has identified an insidious new dimension to the Occupy Wall Street menace: There are womenfolk there who are protesting instead of keeping a clean, prosperous home as God intended. This one "ditched her family," the Post says. Stone her!

The Post profiles Stacey Hacker Hessler, a "Florida banker's wife" who left her husband of 16 years and four children in DeLand, Florida, 12 days ago to join the protesters in Zuccotti Park, and tells her story like she's some unsuspecting housewife who was brainwashed by hippies via Facebook:

She said she had been following the movement on Facebook, and the more she learned, the more obsessed she became with joining the demonstrators.

At around 11 a.m. yesterday, Hessler moved from laundry duty to park cleanup — a four-hour detail from which she broke just once to give a troubled protester a hug at the "empathy table." She also found time for a meditation session later in the day.

Hessler has spoken with her family — husband Curtiss, 42; son Peyton, 17; and daughters Kennedy 15, Sullivan, 13, and Veda, 7 — just three times since leaving them. "Friends are taking care of them," she said.

Not everyone has supported her decision. "My mother told me I was being very selfish," she admitted.

Of course, it's not every banker's wife that has dreadlocks, so maybe Hessler is the sort of person who would always have been inclined to join a burgeoning nationwide left-leaning protest? A look at her Facebook profile, which reveals her to be an organic beekeeper who protests against genetically modified foods (and calls herself a "Pieceful War Rior"), suggests that she is. How bizarre that such a person would end up at Occupy Wall Street!

But who will think of the children? How selfish of her to leave them in the care of her husband and friends while pursuing something so frivolous as joining a political movement she believes in.

[Image via Facebook]