In your finally Friday media column: News Corp's annual spanking ensues, The Chicago Tribune's poor, the NYT's modest digital growth, cable news loves the gays, a Tim Hetherington exhibit, and I tell you which boxing blog to read.

  • The Chicago Tribune is broke as a joke. I've been getting the strong feeling that newspapers, an early indicator of recessions, are about to get slammed again like they did in 2008-09. NYT buyouts, layoffs at various papers across the country... it's all too familiar. My ol' trick newspaper knee is acting up. Newspapers are the canaries in the media coal mine, and they're set to drop off the perch. And other metaphors. If I'm correct, I'll remind you; if I'm incorrect, I'll let this prediction be forgotten. Either way, if you work at newspaper, you might start scanning those job ads.
  • News Corp's shareholder meeting is going on right now, and boy are dissenting shareholders' arms tired, from waving them in opposition to Rupert Murdoch and his handpicked board! The Guardian is live blogging it here. If you enjoy the concept of Rupert Murdoch and his lieutenants being, at minimum, publicly discomforted, you may enjoy it.
  • From yesterday, but worth noting: John Koblin points out that the New York Times sold only 43K paid online subscriptions last quarter, compared to well over 200K in the first quarter. Still better than 0K! But not good enough for 0 buyouts.
  • If you see TV news people wearing purple today, don't worry! They're just showing their support for LGBT youth on this "Spirit Day." Fox News personalities are wearing red, for beating up queers.
  • Friends of Tim Hetherington, the war photographer killed earlier this year, are staging an exhibition in the Bronx of his final photos. It opens this weekend. Why not go? You have no plans this weekend.
  • The Queensbury Rules, the best boxing blog out there, has three new staff writers. Why not read? You have no plans this weekend.

[Photo: Kate Ter Haar/Flickr]