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Good Day Dallas anchor Tim Ryan hates Kim Kardashian. When her name came up in the show's vaguely rude celebrity birthday segment—in which the anchors guess wildly about celebrities ages on their birthdays, then marvel at how old various vamped-up starlets look—he refers to Kim as "she whose name will not be mentioned."

Tim Ryan: I'm on strike, she is not a celebrity.
Lauren Przybyl: Can we call her a reality TV star?
TR: Call her whatever you want. I don't guess her birthday.
LP: You are not going to guess it at all?
TR: No.
LP: It's Kim Kardashian we're talking about.
TR: I'm not even going to say her name.
LP: Wow.

Though I admire Tim Ryan's resilience, it's an uphill battle he's facing. Fame leeching is just how we do things, now. I'd be willing to bet most Americans can name more Kardashians than Supreme Court Justices. (Psyche! That was a trick assertion. Most Americans can't name a single Supreme Court Justice. Kim Kardashian for Chief Justice.) In other Good Day Dallas news, I just found out their traffic reporter's name is Chip Waggoner. Let's give him a reality show, next. [Good Day Dallas]