The University of Arizona played host to UCLA on Thursday for an evening game of football. Just before halftime, a man posing as a referee rushed the field, was exposed as a fraud, and then attempted to escape while simultaneously shedding his clothing. Did I mention that all the commotion led to a bench-clearing brawl?

The above video was shot from the stands and uploaded to YouTube by a user named lankowlllyk (Josh Lankow, according to Google). It focuses entirely on the fake ref-cum-streaker, identified by the video's description as Arizona student Jacen Lankow, from his initial field rush to his nearly naked, handcuffed escort from the stadium. And may I just say... dat ass.

[There was a video here]

The video to the left of this text is of ESPN's broadcast of the game at the moment in question. As you'll see, it seems players from both Arizona and UCLA were so confused by Lankow's stunt that it drove them to begin fighting with each other, setting off a chain reaction that cleared both teams' benches. Oh, and not that any of you care, but Arizona eventually won the game 48-12.