Dep. Insp. Anthony Bologna, the NYPD commander whose loose ways with pepper spray caused a stir last month at Occupy Wall Street (and cost him some vacation days), has told colleagues that he "acted with the best intentions" when he sprayed a group of ladies who weren't doing anything at all, and he's been "tortured" ever since.

DNAInfo's Murray Weiss spoke to Bologna's confidants, and hears that Bologna thinks this is all a big misunderstanding. He didn't mean to spray those women—he was aiming at the men who were hiding underneath the women, who were attacking cops' ankles. Seriously.

The embattled commander insists he was aiming at several male protesters who were not seen on a now-famous video that showed Bologna spraying the women. His targets were lying on the ground trying to pull the legs out from under several cops who were holding NYPD orange crowd-control rubber mesh nets in front of them. The spray fanned out and hit the women.

The funny thing is, if you watch the video—here's one view, and here's another—you can clearly see the ground all around Bologna's targets, and there are no men in sight (were they one-armed?). Look at this screengrab, taken seconds after Bologna unloaded—no men. Also, where were they supposed to have escaped to? See all those cops holding the orange crowd-control mesh? They were controlling the crowd. I doubt they'd let Bologna's real targets by.