As the dying middle class sees its children swallowed by the student debt bubble as they desperately take out loans to afford college degrees from their likely substandard schools, it's worth remembering the fact that the vast majority of college students in this country are part-timers who will never graduate. You'll never guess how much money we're wasting on remedial English classes! From the LA Times:

The report by the nonprofit American Institutes for Research found that from 2004 to 2009, federal, state and local governments spent nearly $4 billion on full-time community college students who dropped out after their first year.

Of course, education is a priceless lifetime gift that's never wasted blah blah blah, four billion dollars right down the fucking drain. At least burning that money in a bonfire would have provided some useful warming effects. Arrrr, anyone who drops out after one year should have all of their government assistance revoked!

Or alternately, we could have our public high schools provide an education that would render students fit for the workplace. Either way. The point is, no poor kids!

[LAT, photo via Shutterstock]