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Yesterday Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine sent out a Tweet saying "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you." Strong words! And now, finally, Fox News has maturely responded.

Specifically, Greg Gutfeld, Fox News' resident lonely dork who thinks he's a tough bully because he yells a lot in his basement when no one is listening, got all hilariously steamed about it on his Red Eye show, doing a little comedy bit with Andy Levy in which they called his music "crap" (strong words, responded to in kind) and... uh, made fun of the fact the fact that he always wears a cap. (Does he? I don't see many here.) So yeah. "Crap"! This is edgy stuff here, people.

Then a lady says that he's going bald. And, I'm sorry, what is this? Are you a television show, Red Eye? Are you a 47-year-old professional adult, Greg Gutfeld? Because yikes. Like I know it's on at 3am or whatever and nobody watches it except for clips posted making fun of it, but Red Eye is still technically on a news network. And that news network allowed two of its paid correspondents to make bald jokes about a guy who said a mean thing about them on Twitter. She's a beaut, Mr. Ailes. You've got a real fine specimen there.

Anyway, Adam Levine is also sort of a ridiculous person, but this one Tweet was at least funny and fun, and the responses it elicited have been great. This is my favorite, if only because the rest of that kid's Twitter feed is a real joy to read, really gives us hope about America's future. I expect Fox News to hire him any minute now.