This actress cruises the free website looking for decorating bargains. This celeb cheated on her famous husband with her famous ex. And this star used to claim she was molested by the man who is now her husband. You can't even find something that creepy on Craigslist.

1. "This actress takes great pride in occasionally selecting and purchasing pieces for her home without the help of a decorator. Well, she found something she wanted while perusing Craigslist one day, and responded to the ad using just her first name. Imagine the shock these homeowners felt when this big time movie star showed up at their door to claim her find! According to the couple, she wore no makeup, was as nice and normal as could be, pet the family dog, paid the full asking price for the item, and even loaded it by herself into the back of her SUV. It's nice to hear that she is capable of acting like a nice, normal person. Maybe she should do that more often." [Blind Gossip]

2. "While this B- list actor, who has the acting ability of an F lister and the body of an A has been busy filming his latest movie, his celebrity wife has been spending her time doing meth and also bumped into her ex and her former boss who is just about an A list movie actor now. One thing led to another and they had some ex-sex while they watched her main claim to fame." [CDaN]

3. "For years this C list actress told close friends that she was molested by someone in the business that was much older than her. She's now married to that older man. Do we believe her earlier stories, or believe she's still his victim?" [BuzzFoto]

4. "This married for now, permanent B list movie actress with a famous dad was at an event the other night and was being polite and making conversation with a man who was probably in his 80s. He also had a young 20-something on his arm. The man holds one of those vague European titles which no one understands. Anyway, our actress asked how long the couple had been together. The man said, 'only a couple of weeks now. I would turn her in for you, but you need to get bigger tits.' He then reached out for a grope before our actress got out of there as quickly as possible." [CDaN]

5. "Strangest hookup ever. In this case hookup is just making out. I have no idea if it went further, but imagining it is a horror, so to go beyond would be a nightmare. This controversial female married A list reality star spent a good five minutes making out with this second fiddle reality star who thinks he is way better then he is." [CDaN]