Libyan dictator-turned-fashion-forward fugitive Muammar Gaddafi died today after being wounded during today's fighting in his hometown of Sirte, say Libyan officials and Reuters. Gaddafi reportedly suffered wounds to both legs and was captured after being discovered in a hole. He reportedly begged a fighter not to shoot him.

The U.S. State Department hasn't confirmed reports of Gaddafi's death yet, but Obama administration officials are working on that. Transitional National Council officials say Gaddafi's body (a graphic photo of which you can see on Al Jazeera) is being transported to a secure location; meanwhile, people are celebrating in the streets of Tripoli by shooting their guns. State Department head Hillary Clinton might also be shooting off her own gun later today; she's been wanting Gaddafi to be captured or killed for a while now. Okay, so she might not shoot off her gun but she'll probably have a little cupcake party in her office to celebrate.

[MSNBC. Image via AP]