Ricky Gervais loves the word "mong." It's the British equivalent of "retard," and comes from a shortening of "Mongoloid." He uses it all the time on his Twitter account, usually when referencing people he deems to be morons worthy of his contempt. He also likes to switch it up. Sometimes he'll say, "Good monging, everyone!" Others, he'll go, "Two mongs don't make a right." And then he'll just post pictures of himself making "mong faces." He's really taken with the whole "mong" theme!

Understandably, that has led to some sharp criticism from Down's syndrome advocacy groups, who feel that Gervais, an internationally famous and influential man, and also, an adult, is behaving insensitively. He dismisses it all. Here's his reasoning:

‘I have explained, even during stand-up shows, that the meaning of words changes over time. Gay, for example, would never be used to mean happy any more. ‘The modern use of the word mong means "dopey" or "ignorant".'

I love that he uses the term "gay" there to defend it, because that's exactly the same reasoning that people who don't want to stop using the word "faggot" use. There was even a whole, odious South Park episode dedicated to that very argument: Since "faggot" used to mean a bundle of sticks, and then became a gay slur, then it's perfectly fine now to use it as an all-purpose slur against any other male. Except that it isn't. Because faggot still means faggot. And mong still means mong. So shut up, Ricky Gervais, you awful, awful person. [Daily Mail, Photos via @RickyGervais]