Once a movie actress, she's now doing TV. Also today: Americans can't make anything original, French Stewart has been located, and How to Be a Gentleman has been put out to stud.

  • Remember Mandy Moore, she of the honey blonde hair and honey blonde voice who made the transition from junky medium-grade music to junky medium-grade movies? Well, the acting career has stalled out a little bit (save for voice work in Tangled) and the singing hasn't been a thing for a long time, so it kinda looks like she's winding down, career wise. Except she's not! She's just going to TV. She recently signed a deal with ABC to star in a single-camera comedy pilot about a pair of newlyweds dealing with in-laws and all that wackadiddle-doodle stuff that white straight people do when they get hitched. Cool! I was worried she was going to do a show like so many we've seen before, a space lesbian firefighters show or something, but nope. She's hitting the ground running with a totally original concept. And it makes sense. The director of the pilot will be Shawn Levy, the genius auteur behind such outre arthouse fare as Cheaper By the Dozen and Real Steel. Very brave stuff, ABC. Very brave stuff indeed. You too, Mandy girl. [Deadline]
  • Oh, more terrific television news! Fans of the UK teen superhero show Misfits (and you should all be fans) will be happy to hear that none other than Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will be adapting it for an American version! Mmhm! I'n'that great? I mean, they do Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie and everyone's favorite spy show, The Chuck. I mean, it's just been proven that the awesome team of Schwartz and Savage make really good television, and now they're going to take a British thing that needed no adapting whatsoever and making it an American show suitable for network television. "Oh look Steph, let's ruin this." "Sounds arrogant! Let's do it." Excellent! [Vulture]
  • Yuh yoh. After being booted to Saturdays because of low ratings, the existentially awful new sitcom How to Be a Gentleman has now been yanked from even that terrible slot. So it's basically gone for good. Unless there's an even worse slot they're going to send it to? I mean, what would that be? Tuesday mornings at 6:22am? Only on sunny, warm Sunday afternoons? Christmas? You know, I bet it's Christmas. "Oh, I'm an actor. Yeah, I'm on a TV show. It airs Christmas, 8/7 central." I think that's it. See you in December, all you poor, poor actors. [Deadline]
  • Remember French Stewart, from 3rd Rock from the Sun and then basically little else? Well, he will be guesting on an upcoming episode of Community, so you can call off the search. Yup, take the signs down and call the dogs back. We found him, guys. We found him. [EW]
  • More terrific television news, everyone. First he had Desperate Housewives and now Marc Cherry has Devious Maids! The gay Republican is creating a show about Beverly Hills maids who are, I'm going to go ahead and guess, fairly devious. The premise is loosely based on a telenovela, because I guess we're just plundering every idea from other people, unless it's something innovative like a show about a straight white couple. That we can make on our own, thanks. We do still make things in this country, you know. Anyway, Devious Maids is a wretched title and will almost assuredly be patently dopey, but at least it's not an American remake of Downton Abbey. Though I'm sure that's coming. Chad Michael Murray as Matthew? [THR]

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