Ho ho, will hipster Brooklyn ever stop with its pursuit of retro trends? Retro fashions, retro music... and now, retro discrimination! Women to the back of the bus! This could be the hottest discrimination trend of the season.

The B110 is a bus run by a private bus company that has a contract with the city of New York. It runs from Williamsburg to South Brooklyn and caters mostly to Orthodox Jews. And to hipsters, probably, with their love of retro trends, in Brooklyn! The New York World uncovered this hot, edgy bus trend that will have all the hipsters in Williamsburg rushing to buy bus tickets, for a ride to Cool-ville (Borough Park)!

But as the bus began to fill up, the men told [a female rider] that she had to get up. Move to the back, they insisted.

They were Orthodox Jews with full beards, sidecurls and long black coats, who told her that she was riding a "private bus" and a "Jewish bus." When she asked why she had to move, a man scolded her.

"If God makes a rule, you don't ask ‘Why make the rule?'"

Williamsburg hipster retro Brooklyn trend trend trend! Orthodox Judaism's interpretation of gender is HOT right now! Get your edgy retro bus ride now, before "The Man" shuts down this blooming microtrend for its blatant contradiction of the law. Ugh, just how they keep trying to shut down the underground lobster roll guy!

I hear Radiohead is playing the bus on Friday, but don't tell anyone.

[New York World via NYP. Photo: AP]