Have you ever been awoken in the dead of night by an acute stabbing sensation, only to realize your unconscious partner was having sex with you? There's actually a word for that, and no, it's not sleepscrewing — but it's almost as dumb! It's called "sexsomnia," a term coined by Dr. Colin Shapiro in 2003 to describe "people who engage in sexual acts while they are asleep, such as masturbation, fondling, sexual intercourse and actions that would be sexual assault or rape were the sufferer conscious."

Ryan Harris is a raging sexsomniac. His wife, Dee Harris, tells The Sun that their 16-month-old baby boy was conceived during one of his more vigorous episodes.

"The first time it happened," [Dee said,] "I sent him a text the next morning, saying 'Last night was great.' He replied saying he didn't know what I was on about. He can never remember - but the sex is more intense."

I have so many questions. Do sexsomniacs speak during sex? Is sexsomniac-sex kinkier than conscious-sex? When they're done, do they roll over and wake up? Please share your weirdest sleep-sex stories in the comments. (Ambien users welcome.)

[The Sun, Photo via Shutterstock]