When a tow truck found Fredly Misere on the side of a highway in Pawtucket, Rhode Island early this morning, he was asleep behind the wheel with a beer bottle in his lap. When they took him to jail and took his car to the impound lot, they didn't know his two kids were in the backseat.

When the cops arrived, the car was already on the rig, so they didn't see the tots, a 4-year-old and 3-month-old. Misere told the cops he was worried about his kids, but when the cops asked where they were, Misere said they were in Boston, so the police didn't worry. But when taking the car off the tow truck, someone heard noises in the backseat. The two kids are doing fine. Or as fine as two kids whose father took them out on the road soused and then forgot about them when he got arrested are ever going to be. Let's hope there's someone else who will take very good care of them.

[Stock photo via Lori Martin/Shutterstock]