Not really, she's just going to be in a movie where that happens. Also today: Judy Greer gets another chance, so does Chord Overstreet, and Selena Gomez is a hot mess.

  • Anne Hathaway has officially landed the role of Fantine in the movie version of Les Misérables, a movie about poor French people being forced to watch her in One Day. No, no, it's about poor French people being poor and doing the whole June Rebellion thing back in the 1800s. Hathaway will be singing the iconic song "I Dreamed a Dream," which is about me having a terrible nightmare that Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie. Haha, jokes. Spoiler alert: Fantine dies in the show and she's really only in it for the first half, so there is at least that to look forward to. [THR]
  • When last we saw Judy Greer she was being shipped off to gulag on Two and a Half Men. A sad fate for a likable lady. But, hark! Light, from the West! ABC has agreed to develop a comedy that Greer will produce and star in, one based loosely on her own life. Which part of her life, specifically? "[W]here she moved from Los Angeles for the man she loves and found herself raising stepchildren and making new friends in a small suburban town." Huh, what? That happened in Judy Greer's life? Really? Bizarre! The show is being written by the team that wrote Can't Hardly Wait, and you know what? I can't really decide if that's a good or bad thing anymore. I'm gonna go with good, though. Good for you, Judy Greer. [Deadline]
  • Perpetually long-lost actress Annabeth Gish, she sprung of a mystic pizza many moon ago, has landed a three-episode guest arc on CBS's show about people solving crimes in a science museum, CSI. (Well, actually the CSI: Miami set looks way more like a science museum or a planetarium or something than the regular CSI set, but it's still pretty science museumy. It basically looks nothing like a real police station, is what I'm saying.) Gish will play a friend of Marg Belgianburger's who is married to a shady military contractor. So there's Annabeth Gish, passing briefly by like a specter once more. [EW]
  • Continuing in the Friends With Benefits tradition of Hollywood catching onto a meme or phrase or whatever about four years too late, Selena Gomez is set to star in a movie called Hot Mess, because people are still saying "hot mess," I mean it is 2007 still, right? The movie is about "four girls desperately trying to avoid becoming the hot messes they are destined to be." So, wait, it's about them fixing their lives in an earnest and serious way, or it's about a magic gypsy or Ouija board or something that shows them a glimpse of what their lives are going to be? They should call it Hot Mess of Christmas Future and have Selena play someone named Scroogia who finds out that she winds up dead in a snow-covered British cemetery in five years so she decides to not die alone and hated in England by, I dunno, studying more and breaking up with Tad. I would see this movie many times! [Deadline]
  • Oh phew. TLC has bought the Canadian show Brides of Beverly Hills. This comes just in the nick of time, as we were in danger of letting marriage become all about lifetime commitment and mutual respect and cherished partnership in an oftentimes lonely and difficult world. Finally with this show we can be reminded that the true meaning of marriage is a single day of material excess and consumer harridanism. TLC is very brave to air such a thoughtful show. The series is set at a BH, CA bridal shop that has catered to such luminaries as "Raquel Welch, Valerie Bertinelli, Jennie Garth, Heather Locklear and Paula Abdul." Holy horsefucks, Raquel Welch's, Valie Berts, and Purma Kabul shopping at one store?? That is some big league shit, man. And it took Canadians to point this out to us? Crazytown. Now all we need is Celebrity Four Weddings and we are in business. (Oh sweet merciful lords in heaven, please give us Celebrity Four Weddings. I would never leave the house again.) [THR]
  • Hahahahaha. Whoo. Lemme catch my breath. OK. Hahahaha. Remember Chord Overstreet, the blond angel twink who was on Glee but then quit because they wouldn't make him a regular? And then remember how he just sorta disappeared from national consciousness and everyone was like "Oh, yeah, that guy's probably in some shallow grave out behind a rest stop somewhere by now"? Well, Mr. Overstreet came to realize that life without Glee is pretty sad pretty quickly, so he's already gone and called them up and said "Please let me back in as a recurring." And they've accepted. So, Chord Overstreet will return to serious acting sometime soon this season. Good for him. [TV Line]

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