Cyberwar was nearly cyberdeclared during America's engagement in the Libyan conflict. We are entering a new, dangerous cyberfuture of cyberness. Cyber your cybers, everyone.

According to the New York Times, military and administration officials considered trying to disable Libya's air defenses with a "cyberoffensive" before U.S. and NATO air strikes there in March to help rebels. Not only that: cyberofficials considered a cyberattack to disable Pakistani radar during the Osam Bin Laden raid. But in both cases they backed down because they were cyberscared of cyberscrewing up.

See, unlike in a Hollywood cyberthriller, you can't just hit a few keys on your cyberkeyboard to launch a cyberattack. A guy from the Center for Strategic and International Studies told the Times, "It's the cyberequivalent of fumbling around in the dark until you find the doorknob."

Cyberequivalent is a word now? Cyberwhatever. The Center for Strategic and International Studies can go cyber a cyber. Cyber.

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