A few weeks ago, we were all shocked to learn for the very first time that the NYPD harbors some racists. Well, it's worse than we thought; some police will apparently lie about being racist. Police... lying? That's not legal!

NYPD officer Michael Daragjati, a genius of The Law, didn't know that the FBI was tapping his phones in an insurance fraud investigation. Turns out he was a horrible lying racist bastard cop, as well! Now he's been indicted for roughing up a black man on Staten Island and charging him with resisting arrest, just because he (Michael Daragjati) is a fundamentally racist jerk, allegedly. He also enjoyed sharing his opinions on the phone. From the NY Post:

The next day, the FBI also intercepted a call that Daragjati made to a female friend in which he discussed the bust.

"Another n——- fried, no big deal," Daragjati told the woman, who responded by laughing...

In one call, Daragjati was discussing the difficulty of loading a motorcycle into the high bed of a pickup truck, prosecutors say. Daragjati suggested that his friend "pile some n——-s up and drive it over them,"

Now who's on "The Wire," you racist prick, allegedly? It's cops like Michael Daragjati who are giving Americans the mistaken impression that the NYPD is the most racist den of racists ever to don police uniforms and harass minorities for sport. Christ, even the LA Sheriff's Department is tolerant enough for officers to have sex with prisoners, on the job. Get it together, New York.

Melting pot!

[Photo: AP]