Playboy's published its entire correspondence with the late journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and while most of it's not quite as fascinatingly deranged as the various letters (and other documents) from Thompson that have surfaced over the years, the cache does contain this amazing hangover cure, undated and scrawled on the stationery of the Beverly Hills Hotel:

P.S. — inre: Oui's request for "my hangover cure" — it's 12 amyl nitrites (one box), in conjunction with as many beers as necessary.

Playboy doesn't say what request the letter is in reference to (Update: as commenter SidandFinancy points out, that "Q" is probably an "O," and Thompson is talking about Oui magazine), or what it's post-scripting. It's also sort of unclear to us that hair of the dog plus a dozen poppers will really cure a hangover. But it sounds a lot more fun than coffee and aspirin!

[Playboy; image of Hunter S. Thompson with Johnny Depp and Matt Dillon in 1996 via AP]