In just one month, Occupy Wall Street organizers have raised nearly $300,000 thanks to online and in-person donations. And that's in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been secretly donated by George Soros and Stalin's ghost.

The money is in Amalgamated Bank, "the only 100 percent union-owned bank in the United States," according to the AP. The main problem seems to be figuring out how to spend the cash. The Post details the excruciating financing process, which takes place at the protests' massive General Assembly meetings. Maybe it's a good thing that it is as hard to get Occupy Wall Street funds as it was easy to get a home loan during the credit boom.

Raising $300,000 in four weeks is pretty good—that's an annual income of $3.6 million. What do you think Occupy Wall Street should buy with all that cash? Maybe they should sponsor a NASCAR car. Get the message out to the red states.

[Image via AP]