Couples that get arrested together stay together—though not literally, because jails separate people by sex, and don't offer couples' cells. But still: Teenage casual dining enthusiasts Devin Norling, 18, and Sydney Sanders, 19, probably have some sort of future, because they gave themselves a memorable first-date experience and now have plenty to discuss during their second date.

For their first outing together, Norling and Sanders allegedly decided to skip out on their $25.16 tab at a South Florida TGI Friday's. As TCPalm reports:

The manager said that after the meal was consumed, Sanders left the patio and walked toward Macy's. The manager said Norling asked where the bathroom was. After leaving the restroom, Norling walked in a back room and tried to leave via a fire exit but the alarm sounded, the manager said.

The manager said he directed Norling to the patio and re-set the alarm. He said a waitress gave Norling the bill and that Norling was seen "opening up his wallet and taking out nothing and putting the wallet back inside of his pocket." The manager said Norling eventually hopped over the patio gate and ran toward Macy's.

The cops quickly caught up with the dining duo as they ran from the restaurant. Sanders allegedly had a pot pipe in her purse, so she picked up an extra charge for that. In their mugshots they both look very sad (Norling is reportedly homeless and going hungry, which makes us very sad), but in time this incident could prove to be a blessing in disguise, at least for their relationship prospects. You only get to really know a person when the going gets tough.

[WDSU. Images Indian River Sheriff's Office via 20Minutos]