All Alabama wants to do is stop the Mexicans from coming to its state and taking "the jobs nobody wants to do," by forcing visible minorities to carry proof of legal immigration status on them at all times, and also tracking the immigration status of schoolchildren (who are literally stealing education), but will the "liberal extremists" of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals let them? Noooo!

The court blocked two more portions of Alabama's draconian new immigration law on Friday—the bit that "requires immigrants to carry proof of lawful residency" and the bit that asks "schools to track immigration information about new students"—before the court hears the case later this year. Alabama's leaders remain unbowed!

House Majority Leader Micky Hammon, R-Decatur, said the law remains largely intact despite the best efforts of the Justice Department and other "liberal extremists."


"Alabama needed a tough law against illegal immigration. We now have one. I will continue to fight to see this law upheld."

That second quote is from Alabama's Governor, Robert Bentley, who's pushing hard for Alabama to overtake Arizona as the #1 state in the country.

And Alabama's Hispanic population—how do they feel about the immigration law? Let's ask! Uh... Hispanic people in Alabama? Hello? Anyone there?

They left behind mobile homes, sold fully furnished for a thousand dollars or even less. Or they just closed up and, in a gesture of optimism, left the keys with a neighbor. Dogs were fed one last time; if no home could be found, they were simply unleashed.


John Weathers, an Albertville businessman who rents and has sold houses to many Hispanic residents, said his occupancy had suddenly dropped by a quarter and might drop further, depending on what happens in the next week.

Guess not!

[; image, of field that would normally be filled with laborers, and now is not, via AP]