Here's a trailer for the new action comedy This Means War, the tale of two suave, sexy CIA agents (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, both alums of the Star Trek franchise) fighting over the same girl, Reese Witherspoon.

Yeah, Witherspoon plays the gal in the middle and isn't that, here in her post-Oscar years, a strangely bland role for her to take? I know she hasn't had too much success since Walk the Line — turkeys like How Do You Know, awkward attempts at Serious Adult Stuff like Rendition — but being reduced to playing just The Girl doesn't seem quite fair. My guess is that she's secretly a spy or something too, in the vein of (spoiler alert, but seriously you shouldn't care) Charlize Theron's secret goddess in Hancock. That seems like the only reason Witherspoon would take this role over someone like, oh, Kitty Heigl.

That's my little theory, anyway. Who knows if it's true. The movie's director, the brilliantly named McG, has certainly never shied away from shallow before, so maybe this really is just a story of two kick-ass dudes fighting over a blonde chick. With Chelsea Handler making funnies in the background. Woof.

No matter what the movie turns out to be, at least Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are both appealing actors and who doesn't like Predator drones being blown up by handguns? Nobody, that's who.