Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit told a Fortune conference on Wednesday that he "would be happy to talk to" Occupy Wall Street protesters "any time they want." That's so cool of him! Here's his cell phone number. He's waiting for your call.

Things you might want to ask Pandit: Can I borrow $3.4 billion at no interest if I put up a bunch of my worthless shit as collateral? I promise to pay it back, because I'm just going to lend it out to a bunch of idiots at like 9% interest and book profits. Or how about you just buy $27 billion of my worthless shit? No deal? How about you just guarantee to eat 90% of the losses on that worthless shit up to $300 billion?

You may be interested to know that, according to the Citizen Media Law Project, New York law permits the recording of phone calls as long as one of the parties consents to the recording. So if you feel like it, record your message to Pandit, or conversation if you get him on the line, and send it to us at We'll post it for all to enjoy.

Oh, and if he doesn't pick up his cell, his office line is (212) 793-1201, and his email address is Tell him hi for us.

[Photos of Pandit via AP]