At long last, little local DC trade newspaper Politico has its very own Jayson Blair-type uproar! Short version: Politico reporter Kendra Marr was apparently a serial plagiarist.

In an admirably direct editor's note, Politico says that a complaint from a New York Times writer earlier this week prompted an internal investigation, followed by Marr's resignation yesterday.

This examination produced other examples of stories on transportation issues that bore troubling similarities to work earlier published by others. Some of these examples involved specific turns of phrase or passages that bore close resemblance to work published elsewhere. Others involved similarities in the way stories were organized to present their findings.

None of these examples represented invention of quotes, scenes, or other material

So, Marr was perhaps more of a serial summarizer-without-attribution than a Blair-level fabricator. Politico has posted links to seven of her stories which required corrections; Romenesko has posted information on Marr's background.

You messed up bad, Kendra. But it only takes five years to be forgiven for anything. We wish you luck in your next career.

[Photo via Politico]